Did you know that...

  • ...about 90 U.S. crops depend on bees for pollination?
  • ...many hives are trucked from region to region for pollination purposes?
  • ...honeybee health is threatened by, among other things, mites?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As you can see now, I've placed on the left side bar two different ways that you can subscribe to my content feed. In other words, you can automatically be notified when BeesCause is updated or has new content.

I think this is a nice feature for folks who are interested in what I'm presenting because you don't have to be checking the site until you get the "feed."

Also, if you're not aware of it, you can get a FREE feed reader at www.Google.com called: Google Reader.

This allows you to subscribe to any feed you like (and there are lots of them!). It's really just a website that you go to in order to read feeds to which you've subscribed. Saves time by bringing updates right to you, instead of you having to go check for them. Cool!

Signing off,

Bees Keeper

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