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  • ...about 90 U.S. crops depend on bees for pollination?
  • ...many hives are trucked from region to region for pollination purposes?
  • ...honeybee health is threatened by, among other things, mites?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Monday.

The weekend, as usual, was busy but we did manage to actually accomplish a few things.

On Friday, I discovered that one of the hives that came through the winter had lots of bees in it, but NO brood. Not good.

Although I did spot a few eggs there, they were such a smattering that I began wondering if the queen had died.

She was there, though, and once I found her I watched for awhile to see what the heck she was up to. A whole lot of nothing.

Fortunately, Jim, out at the Beez Neez, had some queens on hand. Carrie stopped by there on the way home from work and snagged one...I thought.

Low and behold, when she arrived home, there were TWO queen cages in the little bag. Obviously, I had not communicated effectively. But not to worry.

Since I had so many bees in this particular hive, I split the hive and installed a new queen in each half. I did, of course, find and "deal with" the old queen before placing the new queen cage inside.

Such a pity. That queen was actually my best producer last year. Hated to see her go, but when you're done, you're done!

Today started out a bit on the wet side, but now the sun's out and we're hoping for dryness and warmth!

Signing off,

Bees Keeper

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