Did you know that...

  • ...about 90 U.S. crops depend on bees for pollination?
  • ...many hives are trucked from region to region for pollination purposes?
  • ...honeybee health is threatened by, among other things, mites?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zoom Eggs!

Originally uploaded by techmeister
Be sure to click on this photo of, once again, newly laid eggs. Then follow the directions in Techmeister's comment below the pic.

You'll have the best view you ever will of what the egg looks like in the cell. Fabulous!

You can see why it's so much easier to do hive inspections on bright sunny days. When the slightest little cloud comes by to darken things up, it's darn hard to see these little buzzers-in-the-making!

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Bees Keeper

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