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  • ...about 90 U.S. crops depend on bees for pollination?
  • ...many hives are trucked from region to region for pollination purposes?
  • ...honeybee health is threatened by, among other things, mites?

Monday, April 14, 2008


It's Monday and the temperature along with the sleet tell me that spring actually has not sprung after after all! Good grief. What will it take to get more than a day and a half at a time above 50 degrees! Bees still arriving on Wednesday.

I've had several calls already this spring from folks wanting me to come get bees out of their walls and other easy-to-get-to places. Unfortunately, I tell them, I don't do bees in structures. If they're holed up inside like that it's almost always a losing proposition trying to get them out intact (in some sort of usable form), at least as far as I'm concerned. Just give me a nice big swarm hanging on a tree branch. That's what I'm talkin' about! Even if I have to get the extension ladder out.

One of the things in my usual Monday routine (has nothing whatsoever to do with honeybees!) is head down to the church to do the bookkeeping and pay the pastor. I try to get that done first thing in the morning so that the rest of the day can be spent doing things like fooling around in the apiary.

Today it didn't really matter that the schedule got rearranged beescause it's so darn cold still that there's no way I could have opened a hive.

You've probably heard it said, "God is good." "All the time!" Well, I like the variation on that: "God is good. Therefore, my day will not go the way I planned it." Today was a little like that.

Had an appointment this morning that ended up lasting about two hours. Came home. Fed Beth (my sister-in-law, who lives with us). Then, went and paid the pastor, during which trip I encountered the rain and sleet. April 14th for cryin' out loud! I don't know what we'd do without Global Warming. Throw another log on the fire, another blanket on the bed, roll over and keep hibernating!

At any rate, somewhere along about the middle of the day, I had a call from a long-lost friend. Probably hadn't talked with Jeff for close to 20 years. Really hard to believe it's been that long. He had Google-d my name a few weeks ago and sent me an email wondering if I was the same Bees Keeper whom he'd know way back in the day. I'd fired one back saying that, yep, he'd found me. Blah, blah, blah. Well, today we actually spoke on the phone and on the 24th we're having lunch. Hey, Jeff, looking forward to it! I'm sure we'll talk 'til our jaws are sore.

Signing off,

Bees Keeper

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